Awards & opportunities of the week

Here are the five biggest Public Sector awards made and opportunities available for last week, 17th to 23rd September.


The biggest award by far is made by the DWP to a group of Construction organisations including FES Support Services, Interserve, Harry Fairclough, ISG Fit Out, John Graham, Kier, Midas , Mitie, Morris & Spottiswood, Overbury, Resolution Interiors, Seddon, Shaylor, Speller Metcalfe, Styles & Wood, Wates Ltd, and Willmott Dixon.

DHL’s award, acting on behalf of the NHS Business Services Authority, went to various firms including BNP Paribas, Philips Electronics, Richard C Bircher , CHG-Meridian, Société Generale, Shawbrook Bank, Siemens Financial Services, Solutions Asset Finance, De Lage Landen, GE Capital Equipment Finance, Lloyds Bank, Triple Point and TP Leasing.

Finally, Hampshire County Council’s award went to a collection of care providers including Apex Prime Care, Alexander’s Care & Support, All Care, Homecare and Enthuse Care.


To find out more about the opportunities available for suppliers to the Public Sector, visit BiP Solutions to learn about the range of tools available to help you win more business.

Helping companies become energy-efficient

Opus recently worked with a major verification and inspection organisation to help spread awareness of new certification that acts as a standard in energy efficiency. Through working with Opus, our client has been able to drive downloads of a whitepaper that explains the benefits of gaining certification. This is especially important for larger organisations, as companies with over 250 employees now have to undertake independent energy audits. Working with our client and achieving certification would help help organisations reduce energy use and drive down costs – good for both the environment and budgets!

Opus allowed us to get our client’s message in front of decision-makers in key roles in sectors ranging from Manufacturing and Construction to Healthcare to Media. The segmented data in Opus allowed us to refine our send further still, by only contacting stakeholders in job roles most likely to be interested in energy efficiency. As the campaign continues, our client has already seen tens of whitepaper downloads, benefiting both our client and their new customers.

Updates: Food & Drink

Among the different sectors on Opus we’ve been updating recently is Food & Drink, including both manufacturers and retailers. The food and drink manufacturing industry is the biggest manufacturer in the UK, accounting for 19% of all UK manufacturing. As you might expect, it also makes up a huge proportion of British retail. Updates we’ve made in Opus include adding, deleting and editing contact details for organisations including

> the UK’s biggest food & drink retailer
> the UK division of one of the world’s most recognisable drink brands
> a well-known high street coffee chain
> the brand behind some of the world’s finest whiskies
> the UK’s largest food company, in terms of turnover
> a major potato grower and supplier

At these organisations we’ve added key new contacts in job roles including Head of Human Resources, Head of Resourcing, Sales Director and Chief Engineer.

If you’d like to learn more about how Opus can help you access this huge section of the UK retail and manufacturing industries, give us a call on 0845 094 8567 and we’ll be happy to have a chat about how we provide a solution that fits.

Donations and development generated through Opus

Through working with Opus, a major educational institution in the north of England recently received multiple direct replies to a campaign seeking philanthropic donations. Looking for investment in four key areas across academic study and business development, the institution was able to generate a high level of interest outside of their own alumni base thanks to Opus’ comprehensive contact details for key decision makers in UK business. In addition, the institution worked with our Content team to develop an effective email strategy that laid out the message in a way most likely to drive interest – and investment. As the educational establishment continues to receive enquiries, we look forward to continuing to develop their relationship with Opus, for example in helping them recruit students.

Updates: Finance & Banking

One the major sections we’ve been revising recently in Opus is our finance and banking section, currently containing records for 422 organisations and over 22,000 contacts. Among recent changes made are:
> A comprehensive updating of the emails for all contacts at one of the UK’s major high street banks, following a change in domain and email syntax
> Updating job titles for several senior managers at one of the major names in currency exchange
> Changing the email syntax for one of the largest distributors of financial advice

To ensure that you’re able to work with key names in the Finance sector, it’s important to stay on top of changes to personnel, job titles and contact details, or you won’t be able to ensure that you’re talking to the right person. Get in touch to see how Opus can help you gain access to senior decision makers across UK Finance.