A new language of business with Opus

A major international language services company is working with Opus to promote a range of services across several different brands.

Our client, who has worked with Media & Marketing Solutions on numerous previous occasions, works to provide translation services for hundreds of businesses across the world. Helping other businesses expand into new markets, our client works in literally hundreds of languages, providing services ranging from translation of specialised field-specific documents, such as legal or medical translation, to transcription and even some web design services.

Utilising Opus’ extensive coverage of Enterprise decision-makers, we worked with our client to send several detailed downloadable whitepapers to a range of stakeholders across multiple industry sectors. Drawing on our suite of respected neutral news brands, we promoted downloadable assets through three sector-specific branded communications to people throughout UK Enterprise, in job roles as varied as Governance, Retail Management and Human Resources. The specificity of our brands means that they are trusted names, ensuring higher click-through rates and more downloads – hence more leads – for our client.

In addition, we worked with our client to draw on Ingenium, our sister data community covering the Public Sector, to provide more valuable leads from an entirely different audience segment. Once again, using our data in concert with our trusted news brands means that we are able to tailor a message to ensure the highest possible number of downloads.

As the campaign continues we look forward to delivering another successful outcome for our client.

To find out more about how Opus can help put you in touch with decision-makers from across UK Enterprise through a number of bespoke digital solutions, call us on 0845 557 1324.