A new language of business with Opus

A major international language services company is working with Opus to promote a range of services across several different brands.

Our client, who has worked with Media & Marketing Solutions on numerous previous occasions, works to provide translation services for hundreds of businesses across the world. Helping other businesses expand into new markets, our client works in literally hundreds of languages, providing services ranging from translation of specialised field-specific documents, such as legal or medical translation, to transcription and even some web design services.

Utilising Opus’ extensive coverage of Enterprise decision-makers, we worked with our client to send several detailed downloadable whitepapers to a range of stakeholders across multiple industry sectors. Drawing on our suite of respected neutral news brands, we promoted downloadable assets through three sector-specific branded communications to people throughout UK Enterprise, in job roles as varied as Governance, Retail Management and Human Resources. The specificity of our brands means that they are trusted names, ensuring higher click-through rates and more downloads – hence more leads – for our client.

In addition, we worked with our client to draw on Ingenium, our sister data community covering the Public Sector, to provide more valuable leads from an entirely different audience segment. Once again, using our data in concert with our trusted news brands means that we are able to tailor a message to ensure the highest possible number of downloads.

As the campaign continues we look forward to delivering another successful outcome for our client.

To find out more about how Opus can help put you in touch with decision-makers from across UK Enterprise through a number of bespoke digital solutions, call us on 0845 557 1324.

Making the most of the Apprenticeship Levy

Opus has once again allowed one of the UK’s top universities to successfully promote an Executive Learning course.

The university in question, one of the top-ranking universities in the country for certain subjects, was seeking to promote a specialist Leadership course, aimed at people who already have some management experience. Key to our promotion strategy was the fact that the course can be funded through the Apprenticeship Levy. This means that for organisations over a certain size, student fees can be paid by the government rather than the employer or the student themselves. This makes the course much more interesting for certain companies, as a way to upskill their staff without huge outlay on other training.

Our tactic was a simple email, highly text-focused, outlining the benefits of the course, its funded status and an invitation to contact a named Programme Director at the university for further information. The email was sent to key contacts in Finance, several level of management, and Human Resources, drawing on the segmentable data from our Opus community.

The campaign has already seen over seven highly positive direct replies from decision-makers at several large organisations, including one of the UK’s biggest high street banks and one of the most recognisable restaurant chains in the country. New replies continue to be received daily as the campaign progresses further.

Helping a Major Microsoft Partner in Public and in Private

A major Microsoft partner organisation has just launched another campaign in collaboration with Opus and our sister community, Ingenium.

Our client is one of the biggest Microsoft partners, working in over 20 countries and having won multiple awards throughout the world for their work. They help customers with adoption processes, data protection and operational governance.

Having worked with us six times recently, our client is now collaborating with us again to promote an upcoming free event in London aimed at both IT experts and business leaders, helping them to maximise the potential of new Microsoft tools. This event is being promoted through both Opus, the premier contact community of UK business leaders, and Ingenium, the UK’s most comprehensive Public Sector contact database. This means that our campaign is being sent to decision-makers including IT technical leads, chief executives, legal professionals and marcomms managers from the Private Sector, and in Local and Central Government and the NHS. This ‘two-pronged’ approach means that our client can contact key stakeholders in both sectors, with a message best suited to be of interest to them.

Several of our previous campaigns with this client have resulted in a number of highly positive direct replies, as well as sign-ups for the event. We look forward to replicating this success as the event promotion continues, and as we work with this client again on another upcoming promotion.

Opus Helps Promote Executive Learning

Promotion of Executive Learning degrees is something of a speciality of ours, with numerous highly successful campaigns for various universities. Our latest such campaign involves working to promote a Masters degree around Supply Chain Management, offered by a key university in the east of England. Funded by the apprenticeship levy, the course will develop students’ management and leadership skills.

Working with the university’s School of Management, we designed a simple, plain-text email, using a senior university contact as the sender name. The campaign was delivered to decision-making contacts in Procurement, Human Resources, Supply Chain and Operations roles from across our Opus Enterprise data, in sectors as diverse as office furniture suppliers, business finance organisations and private healthcare.

The campaign so far has been a resounding success, with an unusually high email open rate and – so far – eight enthusiastic direct replies. In more than one case, replies have directly asked to be signed up for the course.

As the campaign continues our client’s promotion looks set to grow even further, eventually leading to an increased number of course registrations.

Transforming HR’s digital work

Digital transformation is constantly changing the best ways of working across sectors and industries. Different job roles can work in dramatically different ways if new technology is embraced – but only if the tools and know-how to do so are there.

Opus has recently partnered with a major Microsoft Dynamics partner to focus specifically on how Human Resources can be transformed through fully integrating new technologies and ways of working. In conjunction with Opus, our client has promoted a series of interactive webinars to help HR professionals throughout the industry get the most out of the digital opportunities available to them.

Working with Opus allowed our client to communicate with thousands of key decision-makers in the most relevant job functions across 20 industry sectors. Our client has already seen a surge of interest in the webinars thanks to our promotion through Opus, and registrations keep coming as more professionals seek to learn how digital transformation can work for them. This has allowed our client to generate many leads as well as take potential customers through a nurture journey via a suite of interactive sessions.

Helping companies become energy-efficient

Opus recently worked with a major verification and inspection organisation to help spread awareness of new certification that acts as a standard in energy efficiency. Through working with Opus, our client has been able to drive downloads of a whitepaper that explains the benefits of gaining certification. This is especially important for larger organisations, as companies with over 250 employees now have to undertake independent energy audits. Working with our client and achieving certification would help help organisations reduce energy use and drive down costs – good for both the environment and budgets!

Opus allowed us to get our client’s message in front of decision-makers in key roles in sectors ranging from Manufacturing and Construction to Healthcare to Media. The segmented data in Opus allowed us to refine our send further still, by only contacting stakeholders in job roles most likely to be interested in energy efficiency. As the campaign continues, our client has already seen tens of whitepaper downloads, benefiting both our client and their new customers.

Donations and development generated through Opus

Through working with Opus, a major educational institution in the north of England recently received multiple direct replies to a campaign seeking philanthropic donations. Looking for investment in four key areas across academic study and business development, the institution was able to generate a high level of interest outside of their own alumni base thanks to Opus’ comprehensive contact details for key decision makers in UK business. In addition, the institution worked with our Content team to develop an effective email strategy that laid out the message in a way most likely to drive interest – and investment. As the educational establishment continues to receive enquiries, we look forward to continuing to develop their relationship with Opus, for example in helping them recruit students.