How it Works

The UK can be a dizzying place to try to do business, with a host of organisations carrying out different roles and services.

That’s why, when it came to creating a Private Sector contact data community, we decided to make understanding the UK marketplace a little simpler by breaking it down into a series of easily identifiable groups. Our data can be segmented by sector, job function, turnover and many more factors.

Using this segmentation, we can give you insights into the types of organisations that will best respond to your next marketing campaign. Our data community only contains decision-makers and stakeholders, meaning we’ll put you in touch with the people able to do business with you.

Our account management team will then refine this further, identifying individual organisations and employees we can target on your behalf before our expert designers and copywriters use this information to tailor a bespoke campaign for you, guaranteeing maximum impact.

We offer a complete B2B marketing experience, providing both accurate and comprehensive data for contacting UK business, and a suite of managed digital marketing solutions.

Intelligent Data

Working with us gives you access to a premier Private Sector contact database, containing only mid-market and enterprise-scale UK-registered companies. Built from the ground up, by hand-researching accurate decision maker data, Opus ensures that we deliver outstanding results from our managed e-communications.


We work hard to keep our database structured and up to date. Our dedicated research team are solely tasked with keeping our database as accurate as possible, giving you a real-time picture of the UK business landscape as it changes.

Our highly segmentable data, tagged by job function as well as job title, means we can create specific, personalised content designed to target any number of decision makers, as well as providing a detailed cross-section of any Private Sector audience.

We know every contact inside out – who they are, where they work, their responsibilities, and the role they play in their organisation. Contacts are tagged with information in each category as well as full personalised contact details.

Our data isn’t just comprehensive, it’s reliable. In fact, many companies consider our data to be the gold standard and use our database to discover inaccuracies and shortcomings in their own.

What does all that mean for you? Insight. Flexibility. Reliability. Reduced risk.

Targeted Data

Our Opus community is the UK’s premier business and enterprise contact database. Our aim is to include data on all decision-making contacts at every relevant Private Sector organisation with over 200 staff or an annual turnover of over £20 million.

This means that our data covers the whole gamut of UK business, but only includes the organisations and people you’ll be able to do business with.

Although our data is continually updated and figures vary, our data community includes around 3,900 organisations and over 140,000 individual contacts.

Our data is broken down into 19 key sectors, which are further divided into 128 secondary sectors. For a full breakdown of the numbers of organisations and contacts in our data community and in each sector, download our Opus Data Map.

Sectors we cover include:

Business Services

Computing & Telecoms




Healthcare & Life Sciences




Motor Vehicles

Oil & Gas

Professional Services

Recycling & Waste Management


Transport & Logistics


Wholesalers - Food & Drink

Wholesalers - Non-Food

Get the inside track on UK business

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